Les Deux Garçon is your new home for all things fashionably, boldly, Gay.

Founded by designer, model, and author Christopher James, our goal is to bring you outfits filled with pride and savage vibes.

Most of us grew up without much Gay representation or visibility around us, and that is why the aim of 2Garçon is to help make life a little more Gay and iconic and a little less beige and boring.

With pieces designed by artists from around the world, our shop is like none other on the block- because we have a little bit of each of you in us- no pun intended.

With styles ranging from camp, to sleaze & everything in between, we're sure you're gonna wanna Get 'Innit.


In an effort to be sustainable for our environment 2Garçon produces on a made-to-order basis; meaning we don't make a product until you order it.

Our garments are produced in a variety of places- ranging from Canada, the USA, Latvia, Poland, and South America. With your order shipping from whichever location is closest to you- this also helps you save customs taxes.

(in most cases, sometimes an item will ship from another facility when the one closest to you is unable to fulfill in a fast enough manner)


2Garçon is a small business, with all artists earning from sales made here.

Think of us like your Gay Etsy, and know you're supporting LGBTQ+ artists and personalities directly when you wear one of our pieces.


Read below to learn more about Christopher James, owner and head designer of 2 Garçon.


Let me introduce myself; my name is Christopher James and I am the founder | head designer of 2Garçon.

My passion for design began at the age of fourteen, when I started designing the covers for my books.

Over the years this passion moved in to the fashion realm, paving the way to Les 2 Garçon, my love letter to the Gay community.

My self taught design and marketing knowledge gained through travel, immersion, and partnerships with brands and media personalities have helped me navigate starting 2Garçon.

Learn more about me, my other works & reach out to me by instagram.

Thank you so much once again for dropping by my shop and for your support. I look forward to entering the New Year with all of you, and helping you feel as GAY as possible.