Step into the bold & savage realm of Deux Garçon, where Queerness meets fashion fierceness.

Founded by the multitalented Queer Disabled Artist, Author, Model & Advocate Christopher James, our mission is simple: to adorn you in garments dripping with pride and savage energy.

In a world often devoid of vibrant Gay representation, we strive to inject a dose of queer magic into every ensemble, transforming the mundane into the iconic.

With designs curated from global LGBTQ+ artists, our boutique stands as a beacon of inclusivity and individuality.

From camp to sleaze and every shade of skittle in between, we invite you to join the celebration.

Learn more about our founder and head designer Chistopher James below.


At Deux Garçon, sustainability is non-negotiable.

We're all about reducing waste and saving the planet, hunties.

That's why we operate on a made-to-order basis—nothing gets made until you want it.

Our garments hail from diverse locales like the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, Latvia, Poland, and South America.


We use premium materials to craft our sickening gear.

From Cotton to Silk and Leather, we're comitted to serving quality every step of the way.


At Deux Garçon, small is mighty and opulence reigns supreme.

We're like your own personal Gay Etsy, sis, and you're supporting LGBTQ+ artists and personalities with every purchase of one of our pieces.

In a world of corporate allies who vanish after Pride month, our community needs to remember there is nobody who knows us or care for us better than ourselves and our Rainbow family; so, we would like thank you for standing with us.

We're here to make the Gay Agenda a little more savage, one sickening look at a time.